Training Programs

Creating a Mindset

This unique training provides an overview of active shooter / hostile event situations from the perspective and mindset of law enforcement. Observers will learn from past active killer events and how threats evolve from all means. Our instructors will discuss the significance of situational awareness and provide personal safety tips.

Our Trainings will empower employees by means of intense presentations based on recognition and response tactics for active assailant threats.

Creating a Mindset w/
Practical Application Drills

Instructors will evaluate your current policies and procedures through the use of practical exercises in determining strengths and weaknesses. Individuals will learn options based strategies to counter active assailant attacks through our presentations and then follow up with practical application drills with your organization. We will coordinate multiple on-site visits to accommodate large numbers of participants.

Sound Identification Exercise

Individuals will be exposed to blank firearm rounds for the purpose of sound recognition. This sensory awareness exercise is conducted in a controlled environment with discipline which fosters learning. There are no projectiles emitted during this exercise, rather sound. The New Jersey Office of Homeland Security confirms the importance of gunshot sound recognition.

Civilian Casualty Care

This training is comparable to that used by law enforcement and military. Upon completion, our clients will possess the knowledge to understand the basics of casualty care. After the instructional block, there will be practical hands on exercises.

Civilian Casualty Care Bleed Control Kit

Policy Review & Recommendations

Our team will meet with management to form a workplace policy that incorporates an, “All Hazards” approach.

Threat Assessment

Our team will conduct a complete review of external and internal infrastructure to determine recommendations for securing and preparing the organization against potential threats. A portfolio of the findings will then be presented to the organization for review.

We will conduct a complete review of external and internal infrastructure to determine recommendations